Aviation Consultancy Services

Aviation Consultancy Services

Issue of Aerial Work Certificates

Operators of aircraft operating in the aerial work category must hold an Aerial Work Permission issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of their country. Examples of aerial work include such tasks as aerial photography, aerial survey (geological and ordinance survey), electrical power line and gas pipeline inspections, carriage of external loads and flight training. Aerial Work does not include the carriage of passengers for hire or reward. Aerial Work Permissions are specific to an operator and a nominated aircraft. We take the paper work helping you do the work up in the sky.

Αircraft Purchasing Surveys

QAS can provide a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection service for any aircraft a customer may be looking to purchase. By calling on our range of in-house experience in the different areas of aircraft maintenance and engineering a full and objective survey report can be compiled.

The survey can be as in-depth as the customer specifies. The primary function of any survey is to ensure the aircraft is airworthy, that all Airworthiness Directives have been complied with and that any new components or STC’s have the correct paperwork and have been correctly installed.

To conduct the survey thoroughly a physical inspection of the aircraft, its major components and all the technical data is necessary, this is preferable at our base in Coventry, but we can travel to the aircraft if necessary to carry this out.

Quality Assurance Audits and Quality Assurance & Control Services

QAS is your full-service provider for safety and quality management solutions in the aviation industry.

Besides various audit programmes QAS offers training and services worldwide.

Issue of Air Operators Cetificates (A.O.C) for Airplanes & Helicopters

If you plan to operate a commercial operation, private flying or sports aviation, you will probably need an air operator's certificate (AOC). QAS will undertake the whole process from the application until the AOC is issued.

Issue of CAMO, PART 145, PART 147, ATO Certificates

In the continuously changing world of aviation legislation, our Technical Services Division are responsible for compliance to all technical and operational requirements and the issuing of all necessary certificates.

Pre-purchase Inspections

When buying an aircraft, it is important to have a qualified, neutral technician or organization do a proper pre-purchase inspection of the prospective aircraft.

Involving QAS in an aircraft acquisition is time and money well spent!

Α/C Appraisals

At QAS we offer many types of Aircraft Appraisals to suit your needs. Whether you're just curious or planning to sell your aircraft soon QAS has the technical expertise and daily market experience to accurately determine an aircraft’s current value.

Changing or Adding type of operation or Adding a new type or same type of Aircraft in an A.O.C.

No job is impossible for QAS. Whether you are changing or adding a type of operation or adding a new aircraft type to an air operator certificate QAS will prepare all required paperwork, manuals and approvals.

Customized Maintenance Programs

QAS offers customized “Aircraft Maintenance Program”. By analyzing your flight data as well as reliability, maintenance and operational resources a customized concept is developed to suit your individual needs.

Airplanes & Helicopters Rental Services

If you are a corporate traveler, a professional traveling on business, a group of friends, or a family going on a vacation, flying on a private jet rental or helicopter is a great way to travel. Charter flights are available out of small airports and major international airports.

Private aircraft and jet rentals offer a one-of-a-kind luxury travel experience. Hire, lease, rent, and reserve a charter flight or private jet for your next vacation.

Aircraft Management

QAS manages daily operations and regulatory requirements so you can enjoy reliable and convenient travel backed by the safety, security, and our service commitment. Streamline flight operations and maximize your aircraft's potential with a custom aircraft management program.

Set-up of aircraft maintenance structures PART 145, OPS, M , AOC, 147

Through the geographical extension of PART-145 approval, AMC is able to set-up a complete aircraft maintenance structure in a very short time, and make it acceptable to airworthiness authorities of any country your aircraft may be registered in.

Such an approach in a start-up phase or ad hoc operations of an airline will save immense time and costs and allow its management to concentrate on all other commercial and operational problems.

Once the operation has started, the company can assist the airline in gradually taking over the control of their aircraft maintenance by putting in place in-house maintenance, logistic and engineering departments of the highest standards.